Life Round-Up Vol. 2


There have been many interesting pieces making their way across the web recently – my reason for having so many tabs open right now. Here are some interesting articles to check out and help you stay in the loop!


african-mother Why Don’t Women in the Developing World Use Contraceptives?

 Why? Because they plain and simple don’t “need” them like Bill and Melinda Gates say they do. I haven’t finished this article, but it outlines how a skewed study tried (unsuccessfully) to prove that women in the developing world need birth control. Not.

Reunited: The baby boy's mother - believed to be a 22-year-old single woman - has been found and is said to be with her baby in hospital

Chinese baby rescued from sewage pipe

What I don’t get about this story is that China violently forces women to have abortions, and actively enforces their one (or two in some places) child policy. This one baby was “accidently” dropped down a sewage pipe after being delivered by his 22 year old single mother who could not afford an abortion. Why were they so concerned about this one little baby if they don’t care about the rest? What made this one worth fighting for?

Raise Your Standards

This awesome article encourages women to raise their standards about guys. Ever heard that quote about how the level of society is measured by its women? I wish I could find it because it fit perfectly here.


Communion in the hand?

This article talks about how widespread reception of the Eucharist in the hand (which was never approved by the Church BTW) has lead to more abuse. I’ve been thinking about it more recently, and noticing things at the churches I go to in regard to reverence. Definitely a post in the works about this…

How to become an annoying Catholic

Did you hear recently how Pope Francis encouraged us to “be annoying when things are too quiet in the Church”? This article gives you eight easy ways to become just that!

Former abortion clinic workers

These two women worked at a Delaware Planned Parenthood where many emergencies have taken place recently. They talk about the “meat-market style assembly line” [source] sort of environment it was (and one of them was employed for only 27 days). Are we surprised? See video here.

Autopsy confirms Jennifer Morbelli died because of her abortion

Remember hearing about this woman? She was 33 weeks pregnant and went to have an abortion because her daughter was diagnosed with some “abnormality”. She later died because of the botched abortion after being abandoned by LeRoy Carhart, her abortionist. He has not been cleared of responsibility, but it seems as if he may not be charged.

We are not the future of the pro-life movement. We ARE the pro-life movement!

Check out this awesome new video showing that we ARE the pro-life movement. Some footage was taken at the Canadian March for Life which was 90% youth. Oh yeah!


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