7 Quick Takes – Vol. 14


— 1 —

Happy Memorial Day, and thank you all who have served our country.

— 2 —

These summer days keep getting away from me…..I almost forgot to write this again 🙂 Now that I’ve had some down time, I’ll be starting work this week. I’m excited to begin work and very ready to start being more constructive with my time!

— 3 —

I’m reading the 4 Signs of a Dynamic Catholic right now, and am loving it! A lot of research was done for the book, and it’s really fascinating to read about the traits and habits of dynamic Catholics. I’ve got a lot to work on! If you’re looking for something to read, I would highly recommend it. It’s easy to pick up and put down, and not drowning with theological language. BTW you can order a free (not including S+H) copy of it here. Next on my list is Rediscovering Catholicism. I’ve heard so many good things about it and am looking forward to its arrival in the mail soon.

— 4 —

Speaking of mail, snail mail never gets old. It’s still somewhat of a competition who will get the mail around here. Of course, it’s mostly junk mail now . . . But on the rare day someone gets something from an actual person, it’s quite lovely. I’ve been going through old mail lately and can’t throw any of it away. Knowing that someone hand-wrote what I’m holding is so cool. Someday they’ll probably end up in the trash, but for now I love re-reading people’s thoughts and seeing their handwriting too!

— 5 —

The Dollar Tree Store rocks. Seriously. Today a couple of my sisters and I found cloth box/basket cubby hole type containers that we were planning to buy elsewhere and they are awesome. Pinterest wedding? I think not. I’ll go with the Dollar Store.

— 6 —

Have you seen this dramatic hamster video? Apparently it was rather popular . . . My siblings and I are thinking of doing a reenactment.

— 7 —

This week I figured out what Bloglovin’ is! If you don’t know what it is, it’s a site where you “follow” blogs you want to read. Then you can choose to be notified when they post something new (or not and just check it when you want). I’m finding it to be MUCH more convenient than subscribing via email to the blogs I like to follow. To follow My Drop in the Ocean on Bloglovin’ just click the widget on the right-hand bar. Happy reading!

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One thought on “7 Quick Takes – Vol. 14

  1. Hahaha, you should definitely reenact the hamster video! And I am totally doing a Dollar Tree wedding too 😉


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