7 Quick Takes – Vol. 16


— 1 —

Check it out! I took a while to write this post about Mass behavior because I’ve been seeing some not-so-great stuff going on at my local churches. I learned a lot through the research, and want to definitely continue covering different parts of the Mass. It’s fun learning so much while writing about something I care so much about!

— 2 —

SUMMER WEATHER! California weather is the best. Period. It was 95ish yesterday, and cooler today – the best part is when there’s a breeze during the day and it cools off at night đŸ™‚

— 3 —

Our local pool will finally be open on weekdays starting tomorrow! I’m looking forward to taking my little sister there when it gets super hot and I’m taking a break from work.

— 4 —

We’re having pulled pork for dinner tonight! It is seriously better than any restaurant or store-bought version I’ve ever tried. The homemade spice mix with the oh-so-tender pull-apart meat is SO yummy. Here’s the recipe!

— 5 —

Did you see these cool maps? Check out how people’s pronunciation changes around the country.

The pronunciation of

— 6 —

So…..I started Jillian’s 30 Day Shred last Monday. I did it until Friday, and haven’t done it today (or yesterday). It really wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be most days, except day 2. That was hard because I was so sore already. It’s still not easy, but much better, AND it feels GREAT to be working out more. The annoying part is finding the right time to work out so I can shower.

— 7 —

And now, since I can’t think of much else to write about, enjoy this picture of these precious babies. I need to find someone to babysit for.

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2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes – Vol. 16

  1. I love those maps! I was quizzing my family with them to see if their pronunciation matches up with most people in our area. The most interesting or fun maps for us are the “soda” vs. “pop” one and the “drinking fountain” vs. “water fountain” vs. “bubbler”. (For the record no one in my family really says bubbler.)
    Precious picture! You are baby-deprived! When we get back to campus we should see how our schedules are and then totally consider starting up BC sitters.


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