Goals (or things I should be doing instead of procrastinating)

I’ve been meaning to post a list of goals for quite some time now, and am finally getting around to it for this blogging challenge. Yay for kicking procrastination outta here!

Of course, your goals totally depend on where you are in your life. Mine are rather varied, and specific to my Catholic college life. I know writing these out will help me be on top of things and accountable this school year when I look back on them.

These are things I’m going to work at this next school year in no particular order:

  • Cut down my non-school-related computer time to 1/2 hours or less on weekdays.
  • Find a morning routine that works and stick with it. Include prayer, work out, shower, and breakfast before 9am classes.
  • Exercise a few times a week and eat as healthily as I can (haha with caf food).
  • Get enough sleep. This means going to bed by 11pm on school nights.
  • Go to Mass 3 times during the week.
  • Go to adoration once a week.
  • Go to confession once a month.
  • Pray and sidewalk counsel outside abortion clinics most (hopefully all) Saturdays.
  • Read at least 4 non-school books (2 per semester, some Catholic).
  • Treat my days like work days. Be on and going from when I get up (around 7am) to 5pm so I can have time in the evening to relax and spend time with people.
  • Write 5 articles a month for Live Action.
  • Write 3 shorter blog posts on here each week (including 7QT and WIWS).
  • Find a professional pro-life job for next summer.
  • Babysit around Atchison.
  • Think about writing a book.
  • Meet lots of new people.
  • Find creative ways to save & make money for college.

I’ll plan to post a monthly update on my goals to make sure I keep myself accountable. How cool will it be to look back and see how far I’ll have come?!?!

This is what I’ll tell myself when I feel like procrastinating

P.S. I’m sure new goal ideas will come to mind, so I’ll just edit them in when the time comes.

7 thoughts on “Goals (or things I should be doing instead of procrastinating)

  1. I love this! You having your car will make sidewalk counseling easier(btw you should do a training for RRL)! You have some really great ideas for staying on a schedule and being productive next year! Oh and you should totally write a book because I know it would be awesome and tons of people would read it! 🙂


  2. Awesome! Love your list! I think I’m going to steal a few 😉 Plus I love the idea of new goals for the school year.
    Also “think about writing a book”? YES! Awesome!! 🙂 Do you have a specific idea in mind?


    1. I love any excuse to make new goals 🙂

      I have a few ideas I’ve been throwing around about a book after that thought came up, though it’s really something I need to think about more. I’d want it to be geared toward young people, probably Catholic. My “finding your passion” post is kind of what I’m thinking, because I think way more young people need to be more motivated. But they need to know how. I’d love to be able to help people find a direction and purpose in their lives.

      Reading a couple of Matthew Kelly’s books this summer has also got me thinking about the whole concept of becoming the best version of your self, and I’d like to tie that in. My thoughts are kind of all jumbled now, which is why I have to think about it a lot more. How cool would it be to publish a book before I graduate? 😉


      1. That would be awesome!! I think helping young catholics discern their purpose and giving them how-tos and motivation would be great!


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