September 2013 Goals

It’s been over a week since I got to school. And I have just been SO on top of everything. I have a stack of homework waiting to be handed in (for the next week), folded all my laundry, have organized everything in my suite, AND went to Mass everyday since I’ve been here.


Alas, that is not true.

I am naturally a moderately organized person. When things are out of place I get annoyed and it stresses me out when I don’t know my schedule. But this semester, I didn’t organize my binders until the day before class. I still haven’t unpacked everything. I am currently sitting on a stripped bed while my clean laundry is over in my hamper. My desk is covered in stuff (though in neat piles – AND pro-life stuff).

One thing I am happy about is that I have not been spending a ridiculous amount of time on my computer. It actually went unused for a few days when I was traveling! And I’m pretty sure I’ve only been on Pinterest once or twice since I’ve been here.

All this got me thinking: Huh? Didn’t I set goals a while back? The answer is yes. I did.

In order to keep myself more accountable, I will post a review of the past month and look ahead to the next month near the beginning of each month.  Since I haven’t really started on them yet, this month I’ll be looking ahead to my September.

My September Goals (in no particular order)

1. Do not waste time on my computer.

If there are more important things to be done, do NOT get on Facebook or Pinterest. Time should be limited to around half an hour a day (not including work).

2. Work on my prayer life.

I can never consistently go to Mass everyday, because I get burnt out. Pick 2 or 3 days (other than Sunday) to go, and stick with it. Other than that, prayer needs to be part of my daily routine. Find a morning prayer to say, and hang it by my bed to start the day with. End the day by reading for around 15 minutes from a spiritual book. Sign up for an adoration spot during the week. Pick a time to go to confession once a month.

3. Exercise 3 times a week.

With all the hills and stairs here, my legs are telling me that I’m getting a fine enough workout, buuuuuuuut nope. Not true. I forgot the Jillian DVD at home, and will hopefully be getting that in the mail soon. Living in a suite is a lovely set-up to work out in, so I’ll just have to schedule this to make sure it happens. I’ve got work-out buddies here now, so that will make it easier.

4. Eat healthy(ish).

The reality is that you just don’t have many options in the caf (hence the “ish”). Because when they have something weird for dinner, your options are cereal or ice cream….or the salad bar (which gets REALLY old). I’m doing my own breakfast of oatmeal, which I don’t need much of to tide me through morning classes. It’s pretty healthy too. Lunch is not too hard, but dinner can be. Who knows of creative things to do in cafeterias that are not grossly unhealthy?

5. Publish 5 articles with Live Action.

I have one already done, and just need to set time aside to do this.

6. Start a list of potential employers for next summer.

There are many pro-life internships available, so I’m planning to start looking into ones that would be good experience for me.

7. Think about writing a book.

I included this in my general goals a while ago, and have been throwing the idea around. Thoughts?

8. Figure out a process for keeping track of homework.

If I work hard on it, I can get my homework done (obviously) on time. But my problem is remembering it all. I might write in in my notes, but then what if I forget? Ahh! Last year I wrote each assignment on a sticky note and had a place on my wall for them. It was rather satisfying to tear up each one when I was done 🙂 This year….well, my walls are made of cinder blocks and don’t like holding anything. It has to be something tangible for me, and not on the computer. Hmmmmmmm.

9. Devote one hour a day to diligent homework.

If I need more time, take it! No exceptions. No distractions.


On top of all this, I have some rather time-consuming classes, and Ravens Respect Life. RRL could pretty much be a part-time job, except for the fact that it’s volunteer. Ha.Ha. Oh, and I also work 4 hours a week in the mail room. And did I mention maybe I should sleep?

I’ve been saying that this year is going to be a challenge, and it’s true. It’s easy to sit down and not do everything I need to. But that just can’t happen. I have too much on my plate to let anything slide off, and need to be on top of my life. I have to be responsible. I expect a lot of my RRL officers (and people in general) and cannot give any less than what I would expect from them. Time to hang motivational posters up? I think so! And I know for a fact that working on my prayer life and exercise automatically makes me an all-around better person. Watch out world!

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