7 Quick Takes – Vol. 29

— 1 —

Did you see my September goals? I’ve already made headway on a couple of them, and it really helps to be able to go back and remind myself. Especially with homework, keeping myself accountable is rather important. So, behold my fancy schmancy homework system:


As I get assignments (or just look them up in my syllabuses), I write them on sticky notes with the class name and due date. That way I don’t have to go look them up. When I’m done, I just tear the note up and laugh maniacally. Well, not really that last part. But you get the point.

— 2 —

In a quiz I had to take this week for one of my classes, I learned that I am predominantly a kinesthetic learner. It wasn’t a surprise to me – I just didn’t know the name of it before. This means I really do best learning when someone physically demonstrates the topic, presents real-life situations, and is interactive. It makes so much sense!

When teachers just stand up there and talk for an hour, it bores me to no end. I have a hard time concentrating for that long if they just talk, and I can easily “listen” without actually hearing what they are saying. It makes a lot of sense to me why I like certain teachers better than others, since their teaching styles are different. The worst? Reading from a power point. The best: interactive teachers who involve the class and give real-life examples. It’s certainly challenging when teaching styles and learning styles clash, so I’d love to see more teachers consider this about their students. It would be neat to have teachers help their students learn by including all the different learning styles!

— 3 —

Speaking of learning things about myself, I don’t remember if I ever talked about personality types on here before. Last year I did a test which determined that my personality (or is it temperament? or both?) is mostly choleric and the rest melancholic (something like 87/13). There are four main temperaments which people describe as:

Choleric – “My way”

Melancholic – “The right way”

Phlegmatic – “Any way”

Sanguine – “The fun way”

Being choleric on top of being extremely stubborn can have it’s pitfalls, but it really helps to recognize this and work to overcome the issues. I have to learn to sometimes bite my tongue (figuratively) when I think I know what is right, which is most certainly a work in progress. And with my stubbornness, I think it’s gotten better over time. I know when enough is enough and I need to give up control on some things. My melancholic side helps me to step back and critically consider things, so I’d say my combination is working out just fine.

— 4 —

Do you like fire drills? Over here they are required to do one every year, which really doesn’t sound too bad, until you realize they are around 5am. Yeah, good morning world! Last year I had a strobe light in my room along with the alarm. So let’s just picture you all snug in your bed, probably dreaming. And then BAM! All of a sudden there’s a strobe light and alarm SO LOUD going off that your eardrums explode and you faint and someone has to drag you out of the building. Okay, well, not really.

Last year (I don’t remember if I got shoes or anything) I just ran out of my room real quick and forgot to make sure my roommate made it out. So I went back to get her (she was on the top bunk, which is much more disorienting to get down from with the strobe light). We made it out, and it was all fine.

Right now we’re anticipating this year’s fire drill, and for the last two nights everyone was sure that was the night. Well…..not. I put out my shoes and keys both nights to remember, and it didn’t happen. SO now we’re just waiting. The upside? Everyone gets doughnuts!

— 5 —

Are you fasting for Syria this weekend? I have to admit that I didn’t really read about or know what was going on until this week (which is pretty bad, I know). Since the Pope called for a day of prayer and fasting, I’m thinkin’ maybe it’s a good thing to do…

— 6 —

Did you know it was Pro-Life Chalk Day yesterday? I got together with some Ravens Respect Life people, and chalked up part of campus. It was rather fun.


— 7 —

Speaking of RRL, this week is our first all-club meeting! I am SUPER excited to get started. It is going to be awesome. ‘Nuh said.

Until next week, folk! For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

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