7 Quick Takes – Vol. 34

Yes, I skipped this last week. It’s good to be back!

— 1 —

Yay thumbs.

Have you ever realized how vital thumbs are? To anyone out there missing one: you rock. That would take a lot of getting used to. In the last week sometime, I accidentally slammed my right thumb as I went to take the Wall Street Journal out of my mailbox. It ripped completely  through, nearly half way across my nail horizontally. It sounds much more dramatic and painful that it actually was, but I’ve had to keep it covered so I don’t snag it on anything. Yay thumbs!

— 2 —

Earlier this week was Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity. It was much easier than last year when there was a presidential debate 🙂 It’s rather isolating to be silent for a day, but it makes me appreciate how helpless people sometimes are when dealing with abortion. We ended the day by breaking silence with a candlelight vigil which was beautiful!

— 3 —

How beautiful is this?

Outside the abortion clinic we pray at, there are people who yell through traffic cones about how the clinic staff and clients are going to hell. A couple of them come and yell at us about the Blessed Mother. But through it all, we are there to be the light. Nothing can stop us from peacefully greeting the workers and clients as they go in and being a witness to the peace and joy that life brings. We’re working on showing the same gracious attitude toward the people who hinder us from reaching women as well. I’m not sure exactly why they’re out there, but I appreciate that they do something about abortion, even if it’s not how I would like it. I hope and pray that our peaceful presence might touch them in some way and plant a seed.

— 4 —

This morning in quantitative analysis (which has ended up being WAY easier than I thought it would be), my mind started wandering and thinking about all the things that inspire me. I came up with a list, and can’t wait to share it with you this weekend! Every so often I get really tired of all the negativity in life (which I’ve been trying to distance myself from), and am struck by just how beautiful life is and how blessed I am to have the life I do. All it takes is a moment to sit back and realize how insignificant most of our tribulations are, and how grateful we should be for all we’ve been given and/or worked for.

— 5 —

This weekend is homecoming! We’re having a sock hop. And bed races. And a parade. And lots of other things I can’t remember. It’s going to be fun. And how wonderful is it going to be to NOT have to study for a test?!?! Whew, I’m looking forward the fun times.

— 6 —

Next week is fall break! I’m going home for a few days to be at the banquet dinner I helped plan this summer with one of the pregnancy centers I worked for. We’re bringing out Gianna Jessen to speak, and it will be lovely. I can’t wait to see my family and not worry about school things for a few days.

— 7 —

We’re done with Disney songs in concert chorale, and are starting to work on Christmas ones for our Christmas performance. I was extremely excited to discover that one of them is one of my favorite Christmas songs: Breath of Heaven. I was reading through it before class the other day and struck with just how beautiful the lyrics are. It made me tear up. To hear a song from Mary’s perspective is just so beautiful. She is the ultimate example of humility and striving to follow God’s will. Watch it here:

Have I used the word “beautiful” too much in this post? Probably. Well, have a beautiful weekend and check out Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!

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