My Blog in a Blink

I happened to see this link up, and thought it would be neat to summarize my blog with some of my favorite posts. But boy was it hard to choose! Here are some of my most favorite and/or popular posts.




1. 8 Tips for Parents of the Babysat


2. What my freshman year taught me


3. Why I’m not at my desk . . . and my eyeballs are still intact


4. Gay marriage: to love or not to love


5. Lord, I am totally worthy


6. Find your purpose


7. Fancy panties and the objectification of young girls


8. Same love? More like the same call.


9. Bikinis, bras, and pany-lines, oh my!

Click around and read these if you haven’t already! Or if you’re new here, have fun learning about my life and the way I write from these posts. You can also read about me or contact me. Be sure to check out the other blogs in a blink over here.

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