7 Quick Takes – Vol. 35

— 1 —

Happy All Saints Day!

Saints are so awesome. Let this be a reminder that we should always strive for holiness and sainthood! All-school All Saint’s Day Mass was BEAUTIFUL as well. It’s so awesome to have examples of people who dedicated their lives to following God’s will. One of the best quotes I saw today?

“Saints are sinners who have never stopped trying.”

Boom. Beat that.

— 2 —

Last Year . . .

If anyone could ever find a reason worthy of convincing me to not live in California, it would probably be because of this. Fall weather! (Well, midwest thunder storms too.) When I step out of my suite in the morning and am greeted with colorfully exploding trees and the crisp air bringing on winter, it just puts a spring in my step. Add sunshine, and it’s going to be a good day. But don’t worry, family. I still love California.

— 3 —

I miss blogging. Writing helps me think about what I believe, and come to conclusions as I sort through things. It forces me to think. I’ve not been writing much lately simply because I’ve had so much on my plate keeping busy. So really I should be thankful that I haven’t spent time on it. But I’m not. While homework and other commitments are important, I do need to figure out how to minimize time on other things so I can blog more. I have a growing list of things I’ve been meaning to write about that I can’t wait to get started on!

— 4 —

A Bump In Life by Amy Ford

A Bump in Life: True Stories of Hope & Courage During an Unplanned Pregnancy

On the plane home for fall break, I finished Amy Ford’s recently published book A Bump in Life. Wow! I’ll write up an On My Bookshelf post for it (you know, when I have time), but for now, I’ll tell you that it gives you incredible insight as to what women are actually going through in these crazy situations, and why so many are driven to have abortions. My only note about it is that it is heavy on Jesus-ness in a very protestant way for some of the stories. I love, love, love what Amy is doing with her organization Embrace Grace, and am more than willing to work with anyone who is pro-life and has the same goal as me though. Just don’t ask me if I’ve accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior 🙂 Or, if you do, I will politely let you know that in fact I’m Catholic, and yes we believe Jesus is da bomb too.

* The first link there is an affiliate link. That means if you buy through it, I will get a few pennies. Yay.

— 5 —

How true

Good reminder, huh? Let’s chuck our computers out the window and spend time with people instead! Well, I do have to keep mine for school things, but you get the picture. Time is a valuable gift that you will never be able to re-wrap. I so appreciate when people make the effort to look up from their phones and detach themselves from distractions to spend time with me . . . though the world better watch out. Who knows what can happen when we’re being productive and spontaneous 😉

— 6 —

Have you seen this?

A photographer pulled random people off the streets and had them pose for pictures together as if they had known each other for years. My first thought was something along the lines of “Oh my gosh how awkward would that be?” but at the same time, I think it’s kind of neat. When you get down to the heart of it, we’re all 100% human.

— 7 —

Life is sweet right now. (No, I’m not referring to all the Halloween candy.) I’m busy, but loving life. I’m working on getting better at things that are important to me (ie. goal post coming soon!), and generally looking forward to the future and whatever it may hold. I know as long as I keep my eyes on becoming the best-version-of-myself (Thank you summer reading for giving me that phrase) and what God wants me to become, I can’t go wrong.

Enjoy fall! For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary.

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