Goal Review: November 2013

Hello again.

Goals are fun, huh? They can either give you a little boost from knowing how much you’ve accomplished, or smack you in the face and make you realize how terrible of a person you are. This month was in the middle for me. I didn’t do everything I listed last month, but at the same time when I sat down to re-read them, I kind of laughed at myself. Two months ago my goals were too general, and now I realize that for last month, they were not realistic enough. It’s a learning process.

Sometimes I need to step back and realize that I can’t be all-or-nothing about everything, and need to take smaller steps.

Let’s see how this month went, then I’ll list (hopefully more realistic) goals for this month.

October 2013 Goals (and how they went):

1. Continue going to 40 Days for Life prayers everyday.

Check! The campaign will end tomorrow, and other than when I was gone for Fall Break, I will have only missed two days (one when I was in the Homecoming Parade with RRL, and then tonight when I’m volunteering at a Catholic Education event). I would not have been able to do this if I hadn’t set a reminder on my phone, though. One time I was in the middle of Just Dance with a friend when my phone went off just in time for me to dash over there. Whoohoo!

2. Go to daily Mass twice a week: Tuesday and Thursday.

Fail. I should have realized that Tuesday and Thursday are the worst days of the week for me to go to Mass since I have to get up early the next morning. I’ll change the days for this month!

3. Go to Latin Mass in Kansas City.

Semi-fail. I have not actually gone, BUT there are people on campus who are putting together a group of people to go every month. I’ve been in contact with them, so we’ll see what happens.

4. Do not dilly-dally on social media when there is homework to be done.

Haha. No comment. I do get my homework done, but not always in the most timely manner. I’m getting better though. Baby steps!

5. Finish “On Heaven and Earth”

Nope. I did read almost two whole other books.

6. Exercise 3 times a week. No excuses.

Should I make up some excuse here? Darn, I can’t. I am doing zumba twice a week (OH MY GOSH, SO MUCH FUN!!!). It is the most fun exercise out there. Anyone have a recommendation for a DVD that is not inappropriate? I haven’t really exercised outside of this, but I’m walking a lot more around campus and am staying in fine shape. Yay.

7. Publish 5 articles with Live Action.

Again, what was I thinking? I wrote one. I will most definitely break this record  this month.

8. Set up that meeting to figure out more of where I want to go with next summer’s work.

I did meet with the person on campus, and am very excited about potential jobs for next summer. I don’t have any concrete details yet, but it’s going to be good.

9. Devote a solid hour with no breaks to diligent homework each day – more as necessary.

Fail. I forgot about this one. I’m printing up my new goals so I can actually remember to do them!

10. Start sidewalk counseling.

Success! I brought out a wonderful experienced person to train RRL people, and it was great. We learned a lot, and then she took us outside the clinic we go to. As soon as I have the materials to hand to people, we will be starting a regular schedule of SWC. I am pumped about this, especially since a lot more people are interested than I predicted.

11. Get the “Pillar of Inspiration” set up so I can go stare at it when I want to procrastinate or work on a project that is not extremely important.

It’s a work in progress! I have some of the pictures picked out, and am going to sit down with some suite-mates to finish picking them. They shall be printed this week!

12. Keep adding to my prayer intention booklet and become a prayer warrior for people. Let me know if you have someone (or something) or a specific intention you’d like me to add.

Hmmm. . . . I haven’t added a whole lot to my book. But I’ve remembered a lot of people to pray for. I love how this give my prayers a direction.

13. Read Lumen Fidei.

Nopety, nope, nope.

November 2013 Goals

1. Go to Mass twice a week: Monday and Wednesday.

2. Go to Latin Mass.

3. Finish On Heaven and Earth.

4. Do one exercise video a week (on top of zumba class) on Saturdays.

 – Thanksgiving weekend is excluded.

5. Write 3 articles for Live Action.

6. Work on summer plans. If possible, secure internship.

7. Start  working on homework assignments before dinner.

8. Print pictures for the Pillar of Inspiration and hang them up.

9. Add at least 1 prayer intention to my booklet each day.

10. Write at least 1 non Quick Takes post a week.

See you next month to see how it went!

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