7 Quick Takes – Vol. 38


— 1 —

Hello world. How’s life? I’ve been plugging along over here. This past week I’ve been sick, which is lovely. Here’s the thing about me being sick: I don’t look really sick. AND I don’t act very sick. Why? For starters I don’t get sick very often, plus I am not a dramatic person. I blow my nose if I need to. I’ll cough or sneeze – and cover it! But this week I thought of that part in the Bible where it talks about fasting and how you should anoint your head and go about your business and not go out into the square and announce to the world that you are fasting. Of course, being sick is different than fasting. But I think the idea is kind of the same. You’re suffering in both instances, and the grace you could gain from dealing with it are lost when you go about complaining.

Sound harsh? Perhaps. If you are really grossly sick it’s probably a good idea to chill. But my main point is that I do not go around announcing it to people or showing it in the way I dress or present myself. No, I don’t think I am the most awesome person ever. This is part of my personality. Some would take issue and claim that I am downplaying their suffering. I get it. But at the same time, as long as you’re not dying, I say eat some soup, get done what you need to, take care of yourself, and carry on with your life.

— 2 —

Don't forget
Think about it.

— 3 —

I am so excited for Thanksgiving! For the festivities, I’m driving 9 hours with a couple friends to visit one of my older sisters. Yay! Isn’t it kind of funny how people talk about being thankful during this lovely month of November? I appreciate the sentiment, but couldn’t we find something to be thankful for every day? I really liked a homily from a recent daily Mass I went to where Fr. talked about how we need to be able to let go of the little things in our lives. Like a paper cut, he said. It hurts, right? Do we need to complain about little things and blow them up though? Nope. I’ve really worked on this personally, and can tell you that while it’s hard, it gives me an inner peace to know that it doesn’t really matter if someone is rude or does something stupid. I am in control of how I act, and for the most part I choose to let go of things that don’t matter. Of course there are times I fail, but being able to do this makes me so thankful for the things that do matter.

— 4 —

Some of my November goals have been going really well, and I think this is my best month yet. I’ve liked some of them more than others, and am so thankful to be using these goals to challenge myself.

— 5 —

Sometime recently my friends and I did those four letter personality tests and mine said I was an ISFJ (which, by the way, is the same as Mother Teresa). Some of the articles on what that means ring more true than others, but I plan to write a whole post about it sometime. It’s interesting.

— 6 —

Have you heard about this Noah movie yet?

It doesn’t look Biblically correct – a given – but I think it’s kind of neat that they used a Bible story for the basic premise of it. I mean, when you can’t think of any new stories, it doesn’t hurt to go back to the good ol’ Bible!

— 7 —

I’m all signed up for classes next semester, and here’s what I’ll be taking:

Principles of Managerial Accounting

Christian Moral Life

Concert Chorale


Development & Analysis of Business Data

International Management & Culture

Principles of Microeconomics

Leadership, Vision, and Values

At first look, it seems that this could be an incredibly challenging upcoming semester, or it could be a bit easy. We’ll see. I predict that it will be a bit easier simply because this semester I’m finishing up has been my hardest yet, and has pushed and pulled and stretched me in ways I’ve never experienced before. I think I will be better prepared to take on next semester with gusto, but we shall see. For now, it’s back to accounting homework and paper writing in my cozy suite (sheltered from the 20 degree weather outside) and our traditional lip syncing campus event tonight. Life is good!

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