7 Quick Takes – Vol. 37

— 1 —

I am so thankful to be past last week! The amount of stress I experienced especially this past Monday was insane…and all due to my tough classes. I had a huge test (1/4 of my final grade) that I needed to do well on. Thanks to studying, I did as well as I needed to. And I just found out that the final is not cumulative, so I am relieved about that. Whew! That was accounting. Macroeconomics has also continued to be challenging, and I’m now meeting with my teacher for a bit before class each day to go over my notes from the reading and make sure that I’m grasping all the concepts. I can see the light! Next week I’ll be registering for spring classes.

— 2 —


Have you heard about BatkidA little boy with leukemia was granted his wish by the Make a Wish Foundation, so they made San Francisco into Gotham City today. They staged a robbery and a woman being tied to something he had to save her from. What I love about this is how so many people have gotten excited about it. It’s so neat to see the crowds there – just to support him and his wish to be Batkid for a day.

— 3 —

Guess what? Today I got glasses! I’d been noticing how hard driving can be (especially at night), so boom bam. Vision.


— 4 —

Another exciting thing: I’m leading a mission trip for spring break! Details are not at all confirmed yet, but it’ll be with the Missionaries of Charity, most likely in Memphis or Chicago.

— 5 —

Today I donated blood. I was a little nervous to do it for the first time this past spring, but it went really well and I wasn’t concerned about doing it again. The nurse did have a hard time finding my vein last time, but she could feel one in my right arm and had no problem sticking it. Today I told them about that, and the nurse could definitely feel the one in my right arm better. Good. But then I stopped bleeding out before the bag was filled, so she had to adjust the needle. Again. And again. Ouch. Then the tape that was holding it in place came loose. *AHEM* It ended up that they just had to take it out before the bag was filled, so I don’t know if they’ll be able to use it at all. Apparently I just clotted really quickly where the needle was, which stopped it, so I guess it’s good I don’t have hemophilia.

— 6 —

Sailor James Crisier meets his 6-week-old daughter Jadyn.

The happiest thing I’ve seen today? These pictures of soldiers meeting their babies for the first time. Pure love, folks.

— 7 —

I’m looking forward to a non-stressful weekend and catching up on some assignments. Oh, and maybe cleaning up around here and working on my November goals. Let’s do it!

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2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes – Vol. 37

  1. Gah! The weeks before Thanksgiving can be so stressful – glad you did well on your test!
    Donating blood… happy for you! I faint whenever I hear the word “needles” {ok, not that bad, but close}, but my mom and sisters have donated a few times.
    The soldiers meeting their babies made me cry…so precious!
    Happy weekend! 🙂


    1. Happy weekend to you too! I’m just hoping this blood donating experience doesn’t make me never want to do it again . . . my arm is all bruised and beautiful now 🙂 And yes! The soldiers were so awesome!!!


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