7 Quick Takes – Vol. 41

— 1 —

Hello from the other side of finals! It feels oh so good to be done and be able to chill in my pajamas at noon…quite a rarity in my book. A break was much needed after all the stress of this semester. Now I’ve been spending the last couple days babysitting, enjoying family time, baking (yum!), singing Christmas songs, and getting the festive spirit on.

— 2 —

Christmas cards . . . love ’em? Hate ’em? I absolutely LOVE getting Christmas cards. Sending them is not as fun, but I think it’s nice to personally remember people who are (or were in the past) a significant part of your life, and keep them in the loop with how yours is going. People have definitely cut down on them over the last several years, and I so wish this were something more people cared about. I mean, getting mail is just so fun! And who doesn’t love having a short little note that someone took the time to hand write? Well, I’m guessing people like this probably wouldn’t feel like doing it:

Don’t be like that, though! Christmas is a time to celebrate the joy and awesomeness of Jesus being born (like a boss in Bethlehem).

— 3 —

Have you been keeping up with the Duck Dynasty thing? Check out my latest thoughts on it here. It’s funny because the comments on articles (Yahoo News, etc.) are highly supportive of Phil, while most of the reporting is not. Hey media, maybe you should try to reflect the actual sentiments of your readers! Almost all the people say something like “It’s what be believes. Deal with it.”. It’s nice to see that for once!

— 4 —

Ever watch the show “What would you do?” Here’s a video from it that I saw recently:

Pretty neat, huh? There aren’t many shows I really enjoy watching, but this one is really interesting. I love seeing how people respond to crazy situations. Sure gives me a bit of hope for society sometimes!

— 5 —

Look at this beautiful piece of art I saw recently! Isn’t it beautiful? It’s almost time for Jesus to be born! Yay! Look at those smiles 🙂

Beautiful: Mary, Elizabeth, and Baby Jesus

— 6 —

Need some awesomeness to add to your day? Check out these 10 “Mind Blowing Images of Human Life in the Womb“. Life is pretty amazing.

At about 10 weeks...
~10 weeks

— 7 —

And now It’s almost time for Christmas. Enjoy the time with your family and friends, and don’t forget the reason for the season!

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4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes – Vol. 41

  1. I really dislike the quotes taken from his original interview and ignoring other things he said entirely (re Duck Dynasty). Love receiving Christmas Cards that have pictures and yearly wrap-ups. Really irritated that ours haven’t arrived yet because today was going to be the day for addressing them.


  2. Yay for being done with finals! 🙂
    I love getting Christmas cards too! My flatmate and I have ordered some cards to send out….still waiting for them to arrive :-p Hopefully we’ll get them today.
    Merry Christmas!


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