7 Quick Takes – Vol. 42

— 1 —

Merry Christmas! You know one of the many reasons being Catholic is so awesome? We’ve got 12 days of celebrating after the fact. Woot! Happy Birthday Baby J.


— 2 —

It’s lovely being home and not having classes to think about. I haven’t had too many sleeping in days, but have enough relaxing time that it’s been a real vacation from school (mostly). I have a growing stack of good books to dig into, and am looking forward on starting those before break is over.

— 3 —

Guess what decided to break when I got home? My camera. Uh huh. I am always the one taking pictures at school and love sharing them with people. And it broke. I didn’t drop it or anything. It just won’t turn on. Nikon has a weird return process where they force you to pay before the item is serviced and the base amount they were going to charge me was the same a refurbished camera would cost. So I bought a refurbished one which is on its way. Now hurry up so I can take pictures again!!!

— 4 —

I am so excited to bring this new pro-life film to Benedictine! We can’t announce the details on the time and location yet since they haven’t been confirmed, but I can tell you that THIS is what we’ll be showing.

Get excited!!!!

— 5 —

Baby fix of the week? Check out these 17 babies having (hilariously cute) bad hair days.

— 6 —

I thought this was a pretty good video: 20 things we should say more often. Anyone want a corndog now?

— 7 —

And now it’s time for more family time, visiting, family parties, cooking, and more. Posts are in the works and I’m loving getting back into writing. See you again soon!

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