February Challenge Day 1: My Story

Welcome to the Blog everyday in February challenge! Today the topic is my story/testimony.

When I first saw this topic, what came to mind was church testimonies where people get up and say something about something Jesus did in their lives and everyone is like

funny (19796) Animated Gif on Giphy
Praise the Lord

Buuuut I’ve never done that. And I’m not planning on breaking that record anytime soon 🙂 So instead of a Jesus testimony, here’s my story condensed.

Once upon a time I was a young tween and dreamed of being a Broadway star. I stalked closely followed the actors from High School Musical and memorized every song from Les Miserables (except Lovely Ladies!) on my walkman in bed at night. Sometimes I would fall asleep with the music still on and the walkman fallen down the side of the bunkbed. No wonder why that one broke so quickly . . . Swim team is what I’d do in the summer along with camps my sisters started and I took on until graduating high school. School years were filled with school work which I don’t remember with a particular hate or love. Some of the papers I wrote were seriously lame (Anne of Green Gables book report, anyone?). Advanced biology was really interesting, though I discovered memorization is not my thing. I ran a girls group for young girls in my homeschooling group where we did service projects and learned about saints.

And then boom bam. Pro-life stuff happened. I went to my first Walk for Life in 2011 and after quitting my job at Sears that summer got a job with Live Action in the fall. I found my cause and have been writing and talking about it ever since. Don’t ask me how that happened because I still don’t really know. It’s just the way it was all meant to me. And I couldn’t be happier.

I’m now working on my business management degree at Benedictine. It’s by far one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life, and the challenges I’ve faced have been big growing moments. I’m thankful for every one of them, even if I can only do that looking back in retrospect. Sometimes I still don’t react that way I should to situations but I’m really trying to be a better person and become the person I’m meant to be. It’s a work in progress 🙂

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