February Goals!

Last month I was a bit apprehensive about making goals because I was home for half the month and then got right back to school, went on the March right after starting classes and then whew! Here I am still getting into this semester’s groove. But it’s a new month which means it’s time to evaluate the last month and look ahead to this one. Join me in the link up at the end of this post so we can all work together at becoming the best versions of ourselves!


My January goal review:

1. Finish plans for RRL’s sidewalk counseling program (with my officers!)

Done. We’re having a training on the 6th and are planning to start going out regularly after that. Goodbye Saturday mornings! I’m very excited about this because the woman we’re bringing in to train us (from the local diocese) knows a couple who wants to bring out their mobile ultrasound unit when we’re there. OMG. Excited is an understatement, guys. I have no idea what kind of impact we’re going to have, but I’m praying we’re able to work together with God to touch people inside that clinic.

2. Write 3 articles for Live Action.

I wrote one. It didn’t meet my goal, but hey. I wrote one! And the last one was in October. I guess I needed a break to appreciate it a little more. It feels so great to be back at writing.

3. Perform 3 random acts of kindness.

This was a fail. I didn’t print these goals out and pretty much forgot about this one.

4. You know that 9-5 thing? Do it.

This one has been hard but awesome! The first few days my back got rather sore because of everything I stuffed into my backpack. And I had to come back several times those first couple days because I forgot major things (like paper to write on…duh). Sometimes I’m not out until exactly 5, but if I have homework to do I go to the library to do it. Forced constructiveness, folks! It’s hard when I have homework to do on my computer because it generally refuses to charge in the library. But other than that, this concept has made homework SO much better. I’ve only stayed up late one night getting it done 🙂

5. Finish one of my Mother Teresa books (and hang up the poster from Christmas for a daily reminder)

I looked at the books and really didn’t feel like finishing them right now because the ones I have are a collection of quotes. But I hung up the poster! This is a picture of my corner of my room, and you can see the LIFE poster of Mother Teresa’s quote up there right next to my babies saved from abortion calendar 🙂


6. Exercise 3 times a week once I’m back at school.

This one has gone quite well. I didn’t count every time we’ve worked out, but I’m feeling great and sore. For the first time I was able to do a half hour of the ultimate bootcamp video without dying. Yay!

7. Find and buy a zumba workout DVD.

Nope. still gotta do this. *sigh* I just don’t want to sit down and research it a ton. Anyone know of a good video here?

8. Finish the books I am Malala and A people of hope.

I’m pretty sure I have severe book adhd because I’m in the middle of four books. So I’m not done with these two. Both are good and they will be finished soon.

Now for my February goals:

1. Finish the blog everyday in February challenge.

2. Write at least 3 articles for Live Action.

Ultimately I’d like to write once a week for them, so I need to start working toward that.

3. Name one baby each week through 50 Million Names and do a different gesture for each one.

4. Keep up the exercise, 9-5 thing, and adoration (when it starts).

I’m going to give myself concrete fitness goals, so here’s what I’m beginning with: right now I can do about 9 push ups before I’m keeling over. By the end of the month I want to be able to do 15.

5. Make an effort to do random acts of kindness at least once a week.

6. Finish the 4 books I’m in the middle of!

7. Set aside an hour a week to get back to reaching out to people online about abortion.

8. Share at least 1 inspirational quote or video on Facebook every week.

Time to hear your goals! Link up below or comment if you don’t have a blog.



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