February Challenge Day 9: A day in the life

Welcome to a day in my life:  a semi-boring account of an average Monday in which you discover why I don’t usually write this kind of post 🙂

6:45 – Wake up. Note that there is a difference between “wake up” and “get up”.

Until 8:45 – Get ready for the day, any homework not done, eat breakfast, answer emails, read, pray.

9 to 11 – Statistics then Microeconomics

11 to 12:30 – Work

12:30 to 1 – Grab lunch after clocking out, quick errands, then head to class.

1 to 2 – Christian Moral Life

2 to 5ish – Homework, emails, Ravens Respect Life prep, or writing. Adoration 3 to 3:30.

5:15 – Dinnah!

6 to 10 – Events and/or additional homework (sometimes a movie if there’s not something going on)

10+ – Writing, reading, late events, chilling, and hopefully bed by midnight!

Exciting, huh? That’s pretty much the bare bones of a Monday! There are lots of little things added to the day, phone calls, arrangements to make, places to go, things to do, people to talk with, and lots more, but you get the gist. Sometimes I go to daily Mass, and some days I don’t have much homework. Other days I get up at 5am to go to the abortion clinic. AND sometimes I make toast with a hairdryer. So, you know. Spontaneity is definitely part of my life right now 🙂

Upcoming prompts!

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3 thoughts on “February Challenge Day 9: A day in the life

    1. Hahaha, we had this partial loaf of bread that needs to be finished and I can’t remember how we came up with this idea. BUT I tried it by just blasting hot air at a piece and it totally worked. It was super weird and awesome!


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