February Challenge Day 10: What I’m Learning

At the end of freshman year I put together a list of what I had learned from it. And I guess that was just the beginning because many of them are still highly relevant.

Sophomore year has been very different than freshman year. I know where things are. There are people younger than me here. I’m more involved with things. And I know more people! It’s fun in a different way, and my time here continues to provide growing moments and opportunities to become a better person. Here are some things I’m learning (some of which I have been for quite some time).

Let. It. Go. 

This was number one on my list last year, and it still is. But! Now I have a theme song to it 🙂 When people are rude? Let it go. When you don’t HAVE to be the one to do something? Let it go. Those are the two main issues I can identify, and thankfully I can say that it’s gotten better. I know myself well enough to know when I can’t say something nice, so I honestly just choose to leave the room at that point. Delegating things is harder, but I’m really trying to be better about it. It’s all a work in progress.

You are less awesome than you think. And other people are more awesome than you give them credit for.

Yes, I do some awesome stuff. But so does pretty much everyone. And I need to recognize that more often. It’s so nice to listen to other people and hear things from another perspective. How refreshing is that?! Sometimes I just need to shut my mouth and just listen when other people are talking. With knowing more people, I have lots more conversations that I did last year, which I absolutely love! Getting to know people, their dreams, families, and lives is so much fun.

You get what you give.

Last semester was rough. But I made an effort to start this semester off better, which has really paid off. It’s easy for me to work hard on extracurriculars, but it takes a conscious effort for me to put enough time into academics. It certainly is wonderful when I know class material and retain information, so it’s probably a good idea to keep working hard in this area which I certainly plan on doing 🙂

There’s so much more I could go on about, but those are the main themes. I like the concept of being a continual learner, and hope to never lose that aspect of my life!

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4 thoughts on “February Challenge Day 10: What I’m Learning

  1. I love all these lessons. Your second point especially speaks to me, and I’m encouraged to speak less and listen more and learn from those around me. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I love these! “Let it go” is definitely high up on my list of lessons I’ve learned lately, too. I feel like I’ve lived my life always trying to do so much, and please everyone around me, and in the past year or so I’ve learned that sometimes it is just better to relax and let it go. I’m definitely still working on it, but this concept has been huge for me lately. Great post! 🙂


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