7 Quick Takes Vol. 48 & February Challenge Day 14

— 1 —

Sorry St. Valentine, but the chocolates are happening over here. Thank you for giving us this holiday! And for being a Catholic beast. I should probably know more about you . . . I seriously love days when people focus on the good though. I think it’s silly how people turn it into a singles awareness day because that’s silly. Love is more than a boyfriend, people. Hope you all have a lovely day celebrating all the love in the world!

— 2 —

I was sick this week for the first time in a long time. It started on Monday night when I was getting ready for bed and just felt . . . bad. And then I woke up with a super bad stomach ache in the middle of the night. Tuesday I was achy and a lot of things just hurt and my temperature was 100.5 which I don’t know if that qualifies as a fever or not. I also didn’t really feel like eating or doing anything. TMI? But I made myself go to my 3 classes because hello I missed enough with the March for Life. But then I asked RRL’s VP to run the meeting scheduled for the night and spent most of the rest of the day laying on my bed, sleeping, and trying to get homework done. Thankfully I felt much better on Wednesday and back to normal yesterday.

They did a fabulous job with the meeting (where they were making valentines for seniors in town which we delivered yesterday). And they even made me a get well soon valentine which was really nice of them and I really appreciate. Gosh, I appreciate nice people 🙂

— 3 —


In a stroke of creativeness a couple days ago I decided to make valentines for my whole dorm (with my suitemates of course). Yes, we are crazy. But I really just felt like spreading the love and being nice! We made 19 of these (one for each suite of ladies) and hung them on the door last night. On the back we wrote something along the lines of

“To the beautiful ladies of Suite X: Happy Valentines Day! You are loved! ❤ Suite Y”

. . . and signed them all. Because we love people.

— 4 —

How about a cute Valentines video? Check this out 🙂

— 5 —

Be still my heart.

One thing I love about college is how spontaneous you can be. After reading this article yesterday, some friends and I decided to make the trek to the closest Chick-fil-A because it is just that good. Seriously, people! Chicken nuggets, waffle fries, and lemon aid all the way. I’d say it counted as a Valentines treat, right?

— 6 —

I had to share that because it’s hilarious. Hehe 🙂 Don’t worry, though. I’m spending the day with some lovely chicas, chocolate, and movies – no knitting and cats around here!

— 7 —

And now since I can’t really think of anything else to write about the day of luv, enjoy this child’s message which I’m sure many of us could agree with right now:

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P.S. Want to help spread the love? Help my awesome friend Molly raise funds for a Mission Trip to Nicaragua! Just follow this link and be sure to designate “Nicaragua” under the drop down menu.

11 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Vol. 48 & February Challenge Day 14

    1. Oh my goodness that’s a lot of snow in your area. Ours is finally starting to recede over here and we actually had some glorious sunshine today, but I’m SO ready for spring. I really can’t imagine living in places that are being snowed in, and don’t know how you guys do it. God bless you!


  1. Chick-fil-A definitely counts as a Valentine treat! I wish there was one in my state, but alas. The nearest CFA is over 6 hours away 😦
    Love the Valentines made for your dorm-mates! So fun… college is good for sharing love with people!


  2. :
    I am sorry to say that the image you posted that you think portrays the Western
    saint Valentine of Rome IS NOT! The image is in fact St Valentin Sventitsky one of the many New Russian Orthodox Martyrs under the Bolsheviks. It is the only icon like it in which our monastery had commissioned many years ago by a local iconographer Gregory Melnick. We, the Orthodox Hermits of St. John the Divine, request that you honor the Russian Saint by removing it from the internet. cf.: http://hermitage-journal.blogspot.com/2010/10/new-martyr-valentine-sventitsky.html

    The Least in our Lord’s Service,

    Father Symeon salo


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