February Challenge Day 15: A Dream

Everybody’s got a dream, right? Well, if you don’t, think bigger! Pray about it! We’re all made for greatness. And through exercising our talents and abilities, what God can do through us is unlimited. Seriously. Just remember the quote that goes something like “God doesn’t call the equipped. He equips the called.” Whatever you’re meant to do? It’s gonna work out just fine and he’ll give you what you need to accomplish it. So dream big!

My dream is to change people’s lives.

How do I want to do that? I’m working on my degree in business management right now (which is really hard goshdarnit) and will be done in a little over two years. After I graduate, I want to eventually start my own life affirming center. Well, that’s kinda vague, huh? Let me elaborate.

At this center I want to provide a safe haven for people going through tough stuff, and experienced staff to bring people out of trials and into a better future. I want people to know, through my work, the greatness they are called to. I want them to know the dignity and beauty they posses. I want to work with people to draw others into the light of a glorious life of truth and beauty fully alive.

Here’s an idea of what I want to provide:

  • shelter for single/pregnant moms
  • maternity and baby supplies
  • options counseling (and teen mentoring)
  • free pregnancy tests
  • free ultrasounds and early pregnancy services
  • sidewalk counseling training
  • adoption services
  • post-abortion recovery
  • high school education program
  • life skill training classes for parents and teens (think parenting, house making, managing money, people skills, etc.)
  • job search assistance
  • referrals for other types of services

Exciting, huh? I see people who are driven to have abortions, and I want to help them. I see people who have had abortions, and I want to help them. I see teens who don’t have dreams and are living half the life they’re meant to. And I want to help all them. At this place I want to run, it would be ideal to appoint a head of different departments to manage specific aspects of our work: teen outreach, counseling, medical, shelter logistics, and so much more.

So that is what I’d like to do career-wise with pro-life work. Someday I hope to get married and have my own family too, so this center will just have to happen around that 🙂

This is all, of course, my dream. So who knows if it’ll all happen. God might have other better plans!


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3 thoughts on “February Challenge Day 15: A Dream

  1. YES!!!! I love your dream! I think God has put really similar items on our hearts, and I think that someday we’ll be sharing ideas and resources with each other 😀


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