February Challenge Day 22: Fighting Fear, Stress, and Anxiety

Well this is definitely an area I could improve on. If I could change some habits (*ahem* occasional procrastination), these issues could be avoided altogether . . .

But since fear, stress, and anxiety are part of pretty much everyone’s lives, here’s how I might handle them.


There aren’t too many things that scare me. Not because I’m brave or something, but probably because I don’t come in contact with a bunch of scary things. Spiders are gross, not scary. Car crashes are scary, so I try to avoid them. Some movies are just plain creepy, and I don’t watch those. Like I talked about before, one thing that I do find scary is evil/demonic things. So I just have to keep up my spiritual game and remember the St. Michael prayer.


Stress was not something I had fully experienced before coming to college. And I’m happy about that. Being stressed is not fun, AND it’s usually self-inflicted by situations I could have avoided. *sigh* Let’s go back to last semester when I had a huge accounting test I had to get a certain score on for the class. Two days before, I studied for about 8 hours straight and was freaking out. I freak out internally much more than externally. So most of the time you wouldn’t know how stressed I am (unless you look at the condition of my room).

A friend had an assignment she was freaking out about at the same time, so we sat down. I knew what the 6 (or 8? I don’t remember) sections on the test would have, and got out paper and outlined how to work out each kind. And then I sat there and studied, going through each one. But I absolutely can not sit down to study for that long. So what I do is power through the task at hand (maybe sending up a prayer to St. Jude if it’s desperate) taking occasional breaks. I’m pretty sure we took random dance breaks and blasted songs. That always works 🙂

I depends on the stress inducer, but most of the time I tackle the task and take occasional breaks so I don’t go crazy. And I try to remember to pray to keep myself focused on what’s most important.

Upcoming prompts! Less than a week left . . .

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