February Challenge Day 23: Joys of Blogging

When I started blogging a little over 3 years ago, it was to record pictures and what I experienced at the International Pro-Life Youth Conference. After writing this guest post for Timmerie, though, everything kind of happened and now here I am.

Now I write because:

It helps me be a better writer.

People read what I write and sometimes they like it (and with the pro-life stuff, sometimes people stop and think because of it).

I enjoy connecting with other young women bloggers and sharing parts of our lives with each other.

It helps me stay connected with people back home while I’m away at school.

It’s my getaway. As an introvert, blogging is a great way to have time to myself when I need it.

It makes me think. Writing about something makes me think about it critically and formulate what I really think and know about it. Sometimes it takes a bit of research and learning before writing something, which is also good.

All those things all bring a little bit of joy in their own way to my life, and hopefully some of them bring something positive things to others.

Only a few days left in this challenge! Check out the last topics below.

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