On My Bookshelf: Rediscover Catholicism



Rediscovering Catholicism

By Matthew Kelly

Published in 2010

317 pages

Why did you pick up this book?

I had been eyeing this for a while, and found it cheap on Amazon, so why not? Reading relevant modern takes on Catholicism is inspiring to me, especially when so many Catholics are disengaged.

What topic(s) does this book deal with?

SO MUCH good stuff. It has four main sections: We become what we celebrate (outlines Catholicism, and why it’s relevant among other things), The Authentic Life (what sets Catholics apart and why they are attractive), The 7 pilars of Catholic spirituality (main teachings explained), and Now is out time (changing the world, one awesome person at a time).

What was your favorite part of this book?

I really enjoy the tips he gave. As I read, I wrote down key quotes, and so many of them came back to this: don’t just go around telling people about Catholicism – show them with your life how much beauty and joy living the authentic Catholic life brings. It’s a challenge, which I always like.

What style is this book written in?

Some parts are more theological than others, but overall the language is not extremely challenging. It’s not Dick & Jane, but it’s not Shakespeare either.

How readable is this book?

Definitely not hard to read, but it took me a long time because I wanted to absorb all the information and quotes…

Where can I get this book?

Click on the link below to purchase this book on Amazon!

Rediscover Catholicism

Thanks for reading! If you have questions about the book, feel free to ask.

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