7 Quick Takes – Vol. 57: Coffee, mentors, and advent

— 1 —

Hello world! There hasn’t been much going on here lately because finals.

And papers. And coffee.

— 2 — 

But I am slowly coming back! This semester, while it has not been incredibly challenging academically, has been a time of growth for sure. I’ll share more once finals are over! I’ve gotten back to writing for Live Action News with two articles: one about birth control, and an open letter to abortion clinic clients. Would love to hear your thoughts on them!

— 3 —

Have you been hearing about the CIA torture report? I haven’t read the source document (525 pages . . .) but have been reading about it a lot. People have differing opinions on it, some of which are disturbing to me, but here’s a great report from the USCCB on the topic. I don’t know enough about it to tell you exactly the points that are important to know, but I do know that if we respect life, we should respect ALL life. Also, why do we call it “enhanced interrogation techniques” now?

— 4 —

Need a lighter topic? Check out these Christmas picture outtakes!

— 5 —

Something cool going on this semester? Continuing being part of the Wilberforce Leadership Fellowship! Being mentored by Peggy (President of Heartbeat International) has been such a valuable experience for me, and I’ve learned a lot from her. I’ll have to share more on that! Many of us in the program had a video call last week, which was also lots of fun.

— 6 —

Feeling festive? Here’s a beautiful Christmas video!

— 7 —

And for my last take, a question: how is your advent going? Do you have traditions for the season? Do share! Here’s a post I wrote on advent the other day. It’s about Jesus as our king, coming as a baby. Enjoy! And let’s chat about your advent!

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One thought on “7 Quick Takes – Vol. 57: Coffee, mentors, and advent

  1. The guy in the bottom right corner of your video chat is wearing a Doctor Who scarf 😀 And I’m really glad that you’re continuing to be mentored and learning a lot from that….I’ve got more questions coming in an email 😉


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