Goals: January & Lent

After setting some lofty goals for this year, you could guess how well it’s been going.

No, this plan has actually not crashed and burned.

It’s actually been okay.


Life is a work in progress, and I am confident that I’m heading in the right direction – even if I haven’t mastered ALL the things yet.

Daily readings get looked at most days, and I have read some incredible books for my Fulton Sheen class. Homework has been getting done MUCH more ahead of time, and I’ve actually written a bit for Live Action. I broke my 5k record by over 2 minutes too!

This Lent I didn’t want to do the standard give up chocolate and Facebook. I’ve done it before, and it just never does anything. I have the willpower to do something, but then fall right back into bad habits after Easter.


Because I didn’t change my habits. A Matthew Kelly quote keeps going through my head:

Matthew Kelly Our Live Change


Because of that, this Lent I’ll be working on developing good habits (and getting rid of bad ones). Without further ado, here is my Lenten 2015 Plan for Bossness:


  • Read from Fulton Sheen devotional book every morning
  • 40 DFL prayers everyday (not TR)
  • Rosary everyday
  • Adoration 3x/week + Saturday holy hour
  • Daily Mass 2x/week
  • Pray Litany of Humility everyday


  • Limit computer usage
    • Morning: Check emails and Facebook
    • Lunch: Check emails & up 30 minutes of articles/posts
    • Evening: Check emails and Facebook
  • Read 4 books: Come Be My Light, Spirituality of Fasting, TOB for Beginners, Joy of Full Surrender (30 min/day)
  • Share blog post on each one
  • Journal for a short time (maybe 10ish minutes) each day
  • Go 1 day/week without social media (only allowed to check school email 2x)

Almsgiving/Thankfullness/Giving of Myself

  • Helping local families (this is not technically part of Lent, but I’m starting to help out families right now which kind of coincides)
  • Write 1 faith-related post/week: share the beauty of truth!
  • Go outside abortion clinic every Saturday I can
  • Add over 40 things that I’m thankful for to my notebook
  • Make myself available for spending more time with people

I have mixed thoughts looking at this. On one hand, it sounds kind of crazy. But on another hand, I don’t think it’s hard enough. Jesus DIED for each of us. Individually. What more can I do to observe this season? Nothing really is enough. So I’m not really sure. But I’m going to give this a shot and challenge myself 🙂

If you have suggestions, I’d love to hear them! And now, tell me: what is YOUR Lenten plan for becoming a boss?

To Life,


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