To know I am loved

When things go right, when things go wrong, knowing I am loved by you changes the way I live. It puts a smile on my face, and peace in my soul. It keeps my heart beating.

Knowing I am loved by you, I can close my eyes in your presence and be sure you are still there. You dry my tears but let them fall when they need to. You make me want to love better.

I can speak to you for hours as I sit with you or as I fall asleep. Sometimes we talk because I’m mad, other times because I want to sit and hear your voice. You’ve heard it all and love me still.

Whether I look at the stars, or into someone’s eyes, I am constantly reminded of your glory. No matter where I am, you are with me. Every step of the way.

In everything you do and are, you remind me of my worth because of who I am, not because of what I do. Nothing I do can change your unconditional love. And no words can properly communicate the contentedness your love gives.

Whatever life throws at me, I am confident that I can not only survive, but also thrive, because you are here. Always and everywhere by my side. Success doesn’t depend on my strength alone, which is a wonderful thing. I would fail on my own. You are always there. I just have to acknowledge that in the way I live. And I can’t help but smile and be grateful for your love, because I do not deserve it.

When human words fail, all I have to do is look to your face as you hang on the cross to know that I am loved.

Thank you for loving me.

To Life,


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