Planned Parenthood is scared of 40 Days for Life

Do you know something kinda fun? Being on Planned Parenthood’s email lists.

They’re feeling very defensive right now (obviously, they’re going to be funded!), and are constantly asking for money. I found this email today a bit hilarious, but also sad: they feel threatened by 40 Days for Life.

If you don’t already know, 40 Days for Life is a pro-life campaign that happens twice a year where people commit to prayer and fasting, holding vigil outside abortion facilities, and community outreach for that time period. People literally stand outside praying, holding signs, or offering life-affirming resources (or a combination of those). It’s peaceful and prayerful if you’re into that.

I find it lame that they use scare quotes around this legitimate organization’s name. They can’t even give 40DFL the dignity of calling them by name. Their contempt for this peaceful, prayerful, campaign goes to show how deeply wrong they are about how we should approach this issue. Shouldn’t women be treated with this peace and understanding and empathy instead of these hideous and tiresome fundraising emails? What speaks to the heart of who we are as people? Yeah, not the emails.

Also, wow. Totally makes me want to back off from ending abortion when they use this campaign to raise $5,000. (LOL, nope, I’m not intimidated either.)

They are correct that this isn’t letting up, though.

Planned Parenthood is going to be defunded, I hope very soon. And we’re not going to rest until then, and until abortion becomes unthinkable. This is not an attack on women’s health, but our desire to see human rights for all – and BETTER healthcare that doesn’t kill people and lie to women. You want to know what good healthcare looks like? Check out The Guiding Star Project. I’ve known about them for a while, but was so impressed and inspired listening to their founder Leah Jacobson in this podcast yesterday. I’ll definitely be writing more about some things she said.

Also, peaceful, prayerful, vigil isn’t harassment.

Get yo facts straight, PP. Anyway, I just popped on to talk about this because I don’t want PP to keep doing what they’re doing without being called out. I see them. I see you. And together, we’re bringing down this lying Goliath one step at a time.

To Life,


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P.P.S. In case you’re wondering, I’m not affiliated with 40 Days for Life, though I have participated in the campaigns in the past.

2 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood is scared of 40 Days for Life

  1. Aw man, so sad and upsetting to see their total misperceptions, misunderstanding, and sometimes just twisting of the truth.

    My hubby is the head of our 40 Days for Life here and some of the pro-choice leaders creep on his Facebook…bothers me but we trust in God’s protection.

    Please pray for this intention: we’ve been trying to shut down our local abortion clinic for a few years after some illegal things they did but they have slipped through…but now they’re being sent to the state Supreme Court for a hearing!!! Thank you, Jesus! May justice prevail!!


    1. Oh my, I will pray for your family for sure (what case is that so I can follow if?!). That would unnerve me with people creeping on Facebook. Back when I argued with people on PP’s FB wall, one of them went to my profile and saw a picture of me and my youngest sister and then assumed she was my child and made a terrible comment in that vein. Just ew, people, if you stoop to that level!

      Kudos to him for being part of that kind of work! It continually blows my mind how PP gets away with murder (literally), and all kinds of law violations. But I read the book on the Gosnell case recently, which helped understand how it’s allowed to happen. I hope and pray that I never follow something so blindly that I’m unwilling to consider it might be wrong. Hope justice comes soon!


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