7QT, Vol. 66: Jury duty, summer, and adulting

Time for some quick takes on this Friday afternoon! Head over to Kelly’s place for more.

1. This week I served jury duty. I was on standby the night before. Then when I checked back, I had 1:30 to report downtown. We all sat in a giant room (at least 200 people), and then I was one of 84 people called into a courtroom to start the jury selection process. The charge was read to us, and we filled out a questionnaire about related past experiences of ours. The next day, I was one of 24 called up to the jury box to begin questioning. It was a loooooong day. And I was SHOCKED at the number of people who had difficulty following instructions. I had to come in for a third day, and was thankful to be excused then. It was fascinating to see part of the process, but I have a trip coming up and it would have been too much time away from work.

2. Speaking of, I’ve officially been at my job for a year! It was quite the experience ending up where I am, but it’s good to be here. It’s not what I expected, and who knows what the future holds. But I’m thankful to be gainfully employed.

3. In other adulting news, my sister and I have been thinking of starting an Etsy shop with greeting cards and prints. We’re experimenting with watercolor and calligraphy. Anyone have a favorite quote or type of card you’d like but can’t find?

4. Have any favorite summer recipes? This salad is the bomb diggity. This lemon ice is refreshing and light and originally from an American Girl cookbook.

5. Did you see that video preview yesterday from The Center for Medical Progress? Well, a judge ordered it to be removed from YouTube. Ask me more about it if you want to hear a rant/rage. I have no patience or tolerance for killing babies, profiting off of it, and then people trying to cover their butts. NOT. GONNA. HAPPEN.

6. In better news, this is an interesting article about the boom in young Catholic women starting initiatives and organizations. I’ve noticed this trend, and am grateful for so many fellow young Catholic women living out their faith and fulfilling needs of our world hungering for our authentic witness. I do honestly wonder if guys have the same wealth of resources, though. Hmm. Any thoughts on that?

7. Lastly, Happy Memorial Day. Let’s give special thanks this weekend for those who have given their lives for our country.

That’s it for now! What have you been up to lately? Have any thoughts on my takes?

To Life,


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7 thoughts on “7QT, Vol. 66: Jury duty, summer, and adulting

  1. Great update. Thank you for sharing your experiences in “adulting” – and, glad to hear you escaped Jury Duty!

    I hope you have an Honorable Memorial Day as well… 😊

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  2. Yes!! Open the etsy shop!!

    I’m all about the summer recipes right now. Just made Cowboy Caviar, which is more of a dip/salad full of beans, corn, peppers, and oil/vinegar dressing with cilantro. Good stuff, but it didn’t stay fresh for more than couple days and I’m still eating it kinda wilty. 😉 Great for a party of BBQ though.


    1. Oooh, that sounds super yummy! Those delicious salads definitely don’t last long, like you said – better have more parties! And thanks about the Etsy shop. It’s a little intimidating with so many talented artists out there. I am sooo not on that level and have no idea what I’m doing. But it’s something fun that I could share with other people, so who knows 🙂


  3. Good luck on your Etsy endeavor! Etsy is quickly becoming my “go to” for many things. I’d much rather buy from someone who has taken the care to make something than a mass-production of something.
    That salad: OMG! I’m bookmarking it for later. I think if you throw some chicken in there, it would be perfect for a summer supper.
    It’s good to see Catholic women jumping in there! My protestant friends are always talking about different bible studies…I was thrilled to find Blessed is She, Heart of Mary Women’s Fellowship, and WINE (Women in the New Evangelization).


    1. Thanks, Mary! I like supporting people on Etsy too and appreciate the encouragement. That salad is seriously amazing and one of my favorites – hope you enjoy it! There are just so many lovely ministries Catholic women have been starting, and I’m so happy to see it too. Thanks for stopping by!


  4. I’ve basically been making a version of that salad for years without knowing it LOL I just don’t put lemon juice in it….and I season it with basil and parsley. It’s so good! YUM!


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