On My Bookshelf: The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic


Welcome to On My Bookshelf – my blog series where I bring my bookshelf to your computer! Something I’ve learned at Benedictine is that we should be lifelong learners. That’s what this series is all about: encouraging you to be a lifelong learner through reading. Each post is in a question & answer format and will provide a link to the item on Amazon. All OMB posts can be found on the page up top. Enjoy!

The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic

By Matthew Kelly

Published by Beacon Publishing in 2012

216 pages


Why did you pick up this book?

Because I thought it would be interesting to learn about awesome people. I actually got this book for free after Allen Hunt (a former mega-church pastor now turned Catholic speaker) gave a talk at Benedictine and was handing them out. Plus the subtitle sounded pretty epic – who doesn’t want to change the world?

What topic(s) does this book deal with?

The four signs (which I’m totally not telling you – you have to read it), what they are, why they’re good, how they make a person dynamic, and how to develop them in yourself. I thought this was just going to be well, here’s how awesome people are kind of book, but it’s not. It delves into how you can personally develop the four qualities, which are all necessary in the lives of Catholics.

What was your favorite part of this book?

SO MUCH! I can’t pick one thing. I enjoyed how this book was short and sweet, and not a theologically drowning book (you know what I mean). The step by step suggestions for developing your own life were wonderful too.

What style is this book written in?

This book is informally written, almost like a conversation. It is not overly theological, which is refreshing and rare for such a Catholic book (yes, it has an imprimatur).

How readable is this book?

This book is an easy read, but even then, I took about a month to finish it. It was chock full of great information, and you need time to let it soak in.

Where can I get this book?

Click on the link below to purchase this book on Amazon!

The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic

Click here to buy it (free plus $6 S+H) from the Dynamic Catholic Institute.


I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It was enjoyable to read, and I learned so much from it. If you’d like to know more, or have a question about it, feel free to comment below or contact me!


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