7 Quick Takes – Vol. 36

Thank you God for Fridays. College has made me appreciate them so much more than I used to.

— 1 —

Life has been rather stressful lately because apparently teachers had a meeting and decided to swamp all us ravens in projects and papers and exams at the same time.

I’ve had 2 exams in the past week, another one today, a 7-8 page paper due on Monday, a group paper (8-10 pages) and presentation (8-10 min.) due on Wednesday, a BIG test on Tuesday, a two-day test on Wednesday and Friday, and probably something else. I forget. Oh yeah. Another 10ish page paper due in a couple weeks and huge project. Whew! On top of that, there’s lots of regular homework and everything else life entails.

If only this was how I felt all the time.

— 2 —

With all the crazy going on, I have to take breaks. I have found that I cannot handle studying for hours on end because I think my brain would explode. Whether it’s a moment of belting to a random song, or going to a short event, I’ve found that this is necessary to my sanity since:

Can I get an “amen”?

— 3 —

On the bright side, I’ve determined that I will be effectively able to take over the world once I have my business management degree. After going over the course catalog again and re-visiting everything necessary for me to graduate, I am:

50% paralyzed in fear

50% crazy excited to see what this will lead to

. . . and 100% positive that this is (and is going to be) the most difficult challenge I have ever been faced with in my life. Yes, you may queue the dramatic music. I’ve had my moments of doubting that this is the right major for me (isn’t the shower the best place to re-think your life?), but I always come back to it. I know what I want to do after college, which seems to be where God is leading me, and this degree will equip me (in ways I cannot even comprehend yet) for my future.

— 4 —

This meeting between the Pope and a badly disfigured man will warm your heart.

I can’t get over these pictures. Pope Francis never ceases to remind us of what God’s love looks like in our everyday lives.

— 5 —

How’s your November going? It’s getting chilly, and I’m loving winter clothes. And can I just say that I appreciate how it forces people to dress more modestly?!?! Of course, with the exception of leggings, that is. *AHEM* Yes, I have a post in the works about those. Be warned. Moving on . . . I’ve gotten rid of lots of clothes over the last few months. I have a lovely collection of skirts. I’ve been making more of an effort to dress nicely, and only wear sweats when going to Zumba. Yay winter clothes. I’ll have to take some pictures for WIWS sometime to share.

— 6 —

Chocolate is salad. Period. Ladies, can I have an AMEN?
Had to share . . .

— 7 —

And now, I’m off to work on projects, be constructive, and enjoy another weekend. Sort of. I’m just tired of homework and assignments and books and learning in general right now. That’s a rather lame way to end this, but it’s where I’m at right now. How long until Christmas again?

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