On dressing like a hoochie mama

Ladies, this post is for you. I’m going to be honest and frank, so just hear me out.

Leggings. What’s the deal here? Love ’em, hate ’em? Do you wear them?

I do. Leggings are rather comfy if you ask me, and are convenient for making a winter outfit more warm. I’ve been wearing them quite a bit, actually. The catch? I only wear them under other articles of clothing. Now don’t stop reading. I’m not a crazy modesty freak who wears floor length jumpers. Though I don’t have many recent pictures to share, I can tell you that I strive to dress modestly and cutely at the same time. My sense of fashion is most definitely debatable, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

I’m here to talk about something  I heard last night.

Last night I went to a girls night talk with Sarah Swafford (who is AWESOME!). She’s like a big sister and a young mom at the same time. She gets us ladies. And she meets us where we’re at.

Last night many girls had questions about modesty in general, and if specific articles of clothing were appropriate. Of course, the legging debate came up. Are they acceptable? I mean, what’s the big deal, right?

I’ll tell you what she told us.

Over the past few years she’s sat down different groups of guys to ask them what challenges they’re facing. When leggings came up, here’s what the guys said:

When girls just wear leggings (or any skin tight pants), what they see is her silhouette. Nothing is left to the imagination. What they see is pretty much you. Naked.

Now, you say, “It’s not my responsibility what other people think! If a guy sins because of seeing me in what I like to wear, it’s his problem. Not mine.”

Let me tell you. I see the point. I actually get annoyed sometimes when people say that they cover themselves so that guys don’t sin. Why? Because I think there’s a lot more to it. I dress the way I do because 1. I don’t want that kind of attention. And 2. This picture.

What are you advertising when you wear leggings as pants? Apparently it’s your booty. You may be comfortable. You may have dressed this way forever. But guess what? You just might look a little like a hoochie mama. And ladies, let’s be real. No one wants to be a hoochie mama.

If you want to date a respectable guy, then why are you wearing something that is advertising parts of you that should not be on display? Is that going to convey the right message? When the guy you like sees you dressing like that, do you think he’s going to be drawn to your beautiful eyes, your character, or your great laugh?

No. No, he won’t. Because you’re distracting him.

Like Sarah said, don’t shoot the messenger. I’m writing this because I believe women out there need to hear this. They need to know that what we wear sends a signal to the world of who we are. It’s time we live up to our calling to “Be the light” of the world. It’s time we chuck physically revealing pieces of clothes out the window because really . . .

I want ladies out there to know that dressing like something they are not (ie. hoochie mamas) is not going to get them anywhere. For the guys in your life, the young ladies you are a role model for, and anyone you come in contact with: Dress in a way that instead of your cleavage and booty, reveals your true beauty and femininity. You were made for more.

8 thoughts on “On dressing like a hoochie mama

  1. LOVE this! I appreciate that you {via Sarah} shared the guys’ perspective and that it’s not so much about “preventing others from sinning” as it is a reflection of my sense of self-worth and character. Great post!


    1. I think the article you recommend has some valid points, and this is definitely a tricky issue. I think the main concern of the whole modesty should be about girls recognizing their inherent value, both apart and including their physical form, and learning to dress themselves in a way that represents their value. Unfortunately, current fashion expectations do not promote that all the time, and we should remember that the fashion industry exists to sell a product, not to teach us about our self-worth.


    2. I think that the article you linked to brings up a few perfectly valid points, and would love to know if there are certain things you’d like me to respond to in a new post. I’d be happy to! Here are my initial thoughts:

      1. Guys are not my main motivation for dressing modestly, nor do I think they should be.
      2. Yes, it’s ridiculous sometimes how policed clothing choices are. But I also believe that parents have a responsibility to teach their daughters what is appropriate.
      3. Most importantly, it is my hope that people reading what I write about modesty understand that I do not write to try to control women’s bodies. I think the human body is the most freaking awesome thing on earth and think that we should show our respect for that by the way we dress.

      I’m more than happy to write something to follow up on this, so just let me know what your thoughts are!


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