February Challenge Day 2: What Fires Me Up

Take a wild guess what I’m passionate about . . .

If you’ve read things on here before you probably guessed right. Congratulations! I am passionate about pro-life issues. And more recently I’ve begun to love writing about feminine things (like not dressing like a hoochie mama or modesty in general). A lot of the life issues I love to read, write, and talk about boil down to how we treat the human person. And here in America I think we treat people rather poorly sometimes. Give me a news story about the last thing Obama lied about, people giving feminism a bad name (recent Beyonce news, anyone?), or abortion rhetoric, and I will have lots to say. Sometimes too much 🙂

But I really love reading and talking about inspiring people too. I’m just not so good at writing about those things as often. Mother Teresa is pretty much a beast. And I enjoy inspirational things like Pinterest boards and videos and sometime encyclicals and stories. Lots of stories.

It all kind of boils down to becoming the best version of myself and helping other people do the same. When I see people overcome challenges and defeat the odds? That’s pretty amazing. When I see people make sacrifices out of love for other people? That’s inspiring too. I do what I do because I love people and find it a terrible misfortune that sometimes people are blind to the truth and beauty I see in life and my faith.

I want to encourage and inspire people to become better people because I know we are all meant for greatness. Too much of the time I think we’re content with our lives just getting by. But we were not meant to just get by. We are all here for a reason. And it’s our duty to exercise our talents and gifts to realize the potential we were made for. When people strive to become the best versions of them selves and serve the world – that’s what inspires me. My drive comes from my passion to share our potential for greatness with people because I think we’re made for so much more than we make ourselves out to be.


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