NAS: Chastity is a Choice

This week’s topic:

Chastity – A Choice
Living chastely (not just abstinence) is a choice. Have you ever had to defend your choice to live out chastity? If not, why do you choose chastity?

I’ve never had to defend my point of view on this matter probably because I don’t talk about it with too many people. The people I do talk about it with probably all hold similar views to mine. People who would question me probably don’t because how random is that to bring up if you’re not already talking about it?


We are so bombarded with unchaste messages all day every day. Seriously. Just the other day when I went to see Gimme Shelter, pretty much every blessed preview had some risque scene (or two or ten) without clothes that involved some degree of non-committed men making out with sexy women. And to think within the last century people of the opposite gender weren’t even allowed to be pictured in movies in the same BED without at least one foot on the floor. Most of the time couples had separate beds. People, we’ve come so far. And not in the right direction.

It is my belief that some things should remain sacred. To a world who doesn’t understand this concept so well: it’s called a little mystery. I don’t want to see your body parts revealed by immodest clothing because I don’t need to see body parts to see you. You’re so much more than body parts. Your smile and personality tell me so much more.

Living a chaste life these days is probably really weird to some people. I mean, why? Everyone’s out there hooking up with people they don’t know, right? Well, wrong. Sure, some people are, but deep down I think most people (and I’m talking about mostly women because that’s what I am and understand) hunger for more.

I live a chaste life because the fleeting pleasures the world offers do not offer me happiness.

I live a chaste life because I know I am meant for more. And so are you!

Like our lovely emeritus Pope Benedict said:

“The world offers you comfort. But you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness.”

Some people might ask “How do you do it?” and I’d reply with the Nike motto: Just do it. Make the choice to live counter culturally. Surround yourself with people who hold similar values and they will build you up, not threaten to break down your standards. Don’t read or look at inappropriate things. Halt any impure thoughts with a prayer for the grace to live a life filled with a desire for what is good and holy. Chill with the Ryan Gossling memes, already. And don’t make Pinterest boards of hot men. Just making them secret so we can’t see does NOT count.

When steamy scenes come on tv, turn away. Better yet, turn it off. Act chastely by not inviting inappropriate attention, not because your body is not beautiful, but because you are made up of much more than the eye beholds.

That’s the long-winded answer to why I live chastely. Call it a cross if you will, but by being free of the worries the world offers with her ideas of how I should live, I am more free to be the woman I am made to me. It’s for my own good, the good of the people I am closest with, and ultimately setting me up for a better future than if I were to bring tons of baggage and brokenness to future relationships.

What are your thoughts?

4 thoughts on “NAS: Chastity is a Choice

  1. Love the “just do it” because it is so true, you make the choice and you make the choice everyday, every minute by making other appropriate choices. Love the post!!!


  2. I love your statement: “Make the choice to live counter culturally.” That’s really what it comes down to for certain issues. God has called us to one thing, culture tempts us with another, and we have to choose to live for what is unseen.
    Great post, Laura!


    1. Thanks, Bek! It does really come down to a choice. It’s probably harder for some people than others depending on how you were raised, but if you see the value in it, you just need the commitment 🙂


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