February Challenge Day 4: Story behind my blog name

Many times I’ve considered re-naming the ol’ blog here. But I like the concept too much to get rid of it.

Truthfully, I can’t really remember coming up with the name for my blog. I don’t remember the train of thought. I mean, why did I even start this? Looking back at my first post (in which I used the phrase “frolicking through my senior year of high school” AND tons of awkwardly bolded words *sigh*) you just have to laugh. It was right after I attended the national Pro-Life Youth Conference, and I’m pretty sure I just wanted to write about it and share pictures. Not sure though . . .

Mother Teresa was a beautiful, wonderful person. And BTW, I found out recently she had my same personality type. How cool is that?! This particular quote of hers is one of my favorites. The other (which I just realized one of my first posts is on) is now up on my wall. She is someone I would like to read a lot more about and learn from.

The concept of my life being “a drop in the ocean” kind of inspires me. I know that my life is not insignificant because the ocean is less without my drop – or yours. Every life is invaluable. Even on the bad days or the ones when we waste too much time. Mother Teresa’s quote reminds me of that and gives me a kick in the pants to make my drop a good one.

Upcoming prompts!

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