NAS: If you were called to the religious life . . .

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It’s lots of fun to write about common topics with lovely Catholic young ladies! This week’s topic is:

While most of us feel called to marriage, it is important to see the beauty in all vocations! If/when you were discerning religious life, which communities interest(ed) you? What do you see as the positives of that vocation?

A couple weeks ago we talked about the vocation of marriage, so I love that we treat vocations equally and talk about religious life as well.

Like I said in that post, I always assumed that I would grow up and get married. Obviously. Isn’t that what everyone does? I do have an Aunt who is a sister, though, so the idea was not completely foreign. It just wan’t something I sat down and prayed about and thought long and hard over.

Then I came to a small-ish Catholic college.

You see, a good majority of the people who drop out of school here go into the religious life. We just had a few girls who are entering soon crown Mary at our May Crowning ceremony. And at our spring talent show (sort of) event last year this happened.


Ha! I really love my college. BTW: those were the 4 guys entering the seminary after graduation.

It’s so beautiful to see young men and women on FAYAH for the faith and so joyful in their vocation around here. There are monks everywhere and sisters too. Then there are awesome and holy married couples.

And us Catholic girls are like:

Look at all the holiness!

And then we’re like:

Oh my gosh. What am I doing with my life?

Getting to witness all these awesome people can leave a person confused . . . but I still felt confident. Then I went on spring break with the Missionaries of Charity and I thought “This is so awesome! Look how hardcore the sisters are!” And I wondered. “God, are ya trying to tell me something? ‘Cause I’m gonna need to be hit upside the head if this is your plan!” It was weird. And kind of terrifying.

But then I prayed and got over it. Yup, still a vocation to marriage.

Now don’t think I’m treating this nonchalantly. Vocations are a big deal. Being here has made me realize that much more. But I cannot tell you how much beauty I see in families. It inspires me to see parents sacrificing for their kids and spouses. And don’t even get me started on kids. I love babies (just ask the ladies I live with), and someday hope to have my own. I certainly hope that desire does not come out of selfishness.

When I think about it, I can see the beauty in the religious life. And oh my. Have you seen picture of sisters WITH babies? Go google it. I’ll wait.

Moving on . . .

Seeing people give up everything to become a bride of Christ is inspiring. And it’s a powerful witness to the world of the joy an authentic Catholic life brings. If God were to slap me upside the head with a religious life vocation, I would most definitely look more into the Sisters of Life and the Missionaries of Charity. The MoC give up literally everything and run after God with reckless abandon (in a good way) and I just love the ministry of the Sisters of Life (need I say more?).

Religious life is a beautiful vocation (and I predict that I’ll know several sisters after graduation) but honestly that’s just not where my heart is. Discerning really forced me to look at the aspects of each vocation and then my talents/gifts and consider all things together. And all things considered, marriage is where I feel more drawn to and made for.

So at this point, I can’t wait to see classmates become sisters so they can be my babies godmothers! 😉

How beautiful is this? Sisters WITH a baby WITH a St. Therese relic (baby's middle name) - look at that joy!
Just an example of what I’m talking about!


3 thoughts on “NAS: If you were called to the religious life . . .

  1. This is so beautiful, Laura! I too see beauty in families, and I believe that someday I’ll have my own… and right now I’ve got friends with babies, so yay! 🙂


  2. Laura, I really enjoyed reading your post, and I’m glad you thought up this topic! 🙂 I thought your pictures summed up thoughts I’ve had too when I’m like, “God…what do you want me to do with my life?!” This subject has been on my mind a lot the past few weeks, so I’m hoping to whip up a post today yet! 🙂


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