September Goal Review #LikeABoss

You know that moment when you do something you never thought possible? Gosh, it feels good. But “good” can’t even do September justice.

Before this past month, I hadn’t experienced that a whole lot. Sure, the adrenaline from swim races, performing in musicals, and lots of other awesome moments. But this past month was different.

I made goals. I didn’t stick to all of them (go figure), but the ones I did stick to have completely changed how I live my life. It’s changed the way I make choices, and what I let dictate how I spend my time. And I am so excited to share them with you!

Here is the wrap up on each category from September (saving best for last, so read all the way through.)


1. Find a morning offering or devotional of some sort.

Blessed is She – daily readings with a devotion. Yay! The only way I could see it be better is if it included an action item of some sort.

2. Find examen to say before bed.

Thank you Pinterest.

The Daily Examen, an introspective prayer done at the end of the day, in 6 Simple Steps.

3. Sign up for adoration 2x week.

Done! We also go to a holy hour on Saturdays (most weeks), so it’s almost 3 hours/week. #LikeABoss

4. Do stations of the cross on Fridays.

Nope. Didn’t do it once. HOWEVER, we are doing a chaplet of divine mercy on Fridays as part of 40 Days for Life. Yay.



1. Write down assignments in my planner when I find out about them.

Somewhat followed. I didn’t forget any, so yay!

2. Check planner everyday.

Didn’t really follow this. But since I wasn’t forgetting assignments, I’m okay with that.

3. Buy a stock of post-it’s to put each assignment on, and write them down.

See last one.


Computer Usage

1. Put my laptop on my desk, and only sit there to be on it (unless I am taking it out of the suite to work on it).

After realizing how uncomfortable my desk is for me (hello short legs), I decided to nix this one. Perhaps it shall be revisited, but not at the moment.

2. Gradually check emails less. By the end of September, be checking them three times a day.

Not as cray cray about checking emails, but remembering to count when I check them is not happening…

3. Check Facebook only twice a day.

See above.

4. Go to my Google Alerts for news instead of social media. Add two new alerts.

Yes! I added in a death penalty and stem cell research alert (scintillating, I know). Any ideas for things to keep up on?


Reading & Writing

1. Find 15 minutes a day to read a non-school book. Focus on one at a time.

I started reading Pro-Life Feminism and I Believe in Love, but the 15 minute thing didn’t work out so hot.

2. Write one non-link-up post a week here or for Live Action News.

Whoa! Thought I failed this one, but I wrote 3:

The time is now (ie. get off yo butt and get a move on!)

Holiness from Calcutta (because Mother Teresa is a BOSS)

It’s the little things . . . (ie. the one no one read that’s about doing things. Ironic?)


And now . . . Fitness & Health

I’m not going into huge detail because there’s a whole post coming on this. Moral of the story? You’re gonna have to come back here tomorrow!

1. Look for a 5k to do before Christmas.

There’s a “wear something crazy from a thrift store” 5k going on in a couple weeks, so I’m debating doing that. We’ll see!

2. Find two new healthy snacks to keep in my dorm room instead of traditional unhealthy ones.

Funny how I haven’t touched the like 10 bags of popcorn in my stash. I started out with hummus and carrots. Now I have beans (“refried” in my crockpot!) and I do an egg for breakfast. Yay non-junk food! We also went to the local farmer’s market which was delightful. Who knew real vegetables actually exist in Atchison?!?!

3. Work out three times a week, and find a consistent time that works.

If you had told me a couple months ago I’d be getting up well before the sun every weekday to subject my muscles to strenuous activity, I would have laughed. Like big time. Are you crazy?

But now I’m like:



I’m a month into this, and it only takes 21 days to form a habit, right? I can’t imagine NOT getting up by 6:15am now. Sometimes (actually pretty often) I wake up before my alarm. And it’s pitch black. I go the the gym on campus and make my fat cry (because that’s what sweat is, right?) every morning during the week. It is gloriously gross. I drip sweat. I soak shirts. 2-3 days a week we come back and do strength stuff as well, so it’s not just cardio. And I feel AMAZING.

And to hear the rest of my story (’cause ya’ll know there’s more), you’re just going to have to wait until tomorrow. Mwahahahaha.

4. Since my commitments start at 9am M-F, set a consistent time to wake up.

6:15am, brotha. Unless the 6am bells wake me up. Or the lightning. Or I just wake up randomly at 5:51.


And there you have my September! Classes are easier than last year, but life is still rather demanding. And I’m okay with that. I’m learning a lot, trying to grow as a person, and really enjoying this time in my life.

Stay tuned, because I have a lot more to say! What do you have to say? How is your life going? Can I pray for something that’s going on right now? Grab a cup of coffee and let’s chat!

To Life,





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2 thoughts on “September Goal Review #LikeABoss

  1. Woohoo!!! Sounds like you kicked September’s behind! 🙂

    And I love that you said “make my fat cry” because that is the TRUTH! 😀 Can’t wait for tomorrow’s post!


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